Monday, June 9, 2008

Yo-yo Cancer Angel Pin

This is a Yo-yo angel that I made for my Sister-in Law who was recently diagnosed with Uterine and Lung Cancer. She is only 37 years old and has never smoked, doesn't drink, and is still pure. She is so caring, always giving up her time to take care of others that are in need. Why something like this has happened to her, no one knows. But now it's our turn to show her our help and support. That's why I made these yo-yo angels.

Pearl represents Lung Cancer and the Peach color represents Uterine Cancer. I made my little angel with a sheer peach fabric as the body and a shiny white satin fabric for the wings. I then added a sheer ribbon and attached a pearl in the middle. I've attached the "Tammy's Angel" (as I call her) to a card with a cancer saying on it which I received from the great crafters and poets at craftsayings forum. I just changed a bunch of the wordings to make it more personalized for me.

I've passed this out to most of the family members. I am creating more in hopes of selling them as a fundraiser for my Sister-in-Law. The chemo she is going through has made it unable for her to work, although she still tries to go to work even if she is in pain because money is hard. We're looking to sell these for $5.00 each in order to help her out.

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christy said...

God bless her,,i know God is great and he is looking over her,i have went through this with my grandson ,at age 5 he had days to live and now,,he turned 16 this year,,GOD is GOOD,,,,,,xoxo christy,,my prayers are with ya;