Monday, May 21, 2012

Party Table Cover Flower Pouf

Phew!  Been a busy few weeks with moving my oldest baby out of his dorm, preparing for Prom for my baby girl and helping out with After Prom (sure not use to being out until 5am), then field trips, track and field day, and school picnic for my lil' man.  It's been crazy.

Well, now I'm preparing to host an ice cream party for my lil' man's kindergarten class as an end of the year party.  I've been running around getting bowls, buckets, candies, and making some decoration.  We don't have a big budget so I'm trying to use my creativity by making a flower decoration using party table covers.

Normally, tissue is what is used for these flower poufs but I decided to use plastic party table covers so that the teacher can use it again next year.  She can flatten it and next year just pouf it back up.  If it gets wet, just let it dry.  No problem.  Here's how I did it....

You'll need a plastic tablecloth, scissors, & string.

Cut the sides open so that you have individual sheets of the tablecover.

Fold over and cut it in half.

Start fan folding the tablecover.

Tie off in the middle.

Here it is tied off and fan folded.

Begin to pull apart each plastic piece.  Twist and turn any way you want.

Here is one half of the pouf separated.

And here it is all poufed out and ready to hand or taped to a wall or table.

I am making a few more in the colors of the ice cream party theme.  I will post pictures up after our party so you all can see my plastic poufs and our ice cream party decoration.

Until then...


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Leslie said...

Looking forward to seeing the lil mans party pics. Have a great new week.