Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I'm back with Crafts

Wow. Talk about MIA, right? Well, I'm sure all of you understand how life just happens to take over sometimes.
But I'm back and ready to share with some crafts I have worked on.
First up - Flower Hair Clip in a Recycled Soda Bottle Gift Box

Here's a close-up of my flower. I added yellow beads in the middle and highlighted parts of the flower with a silvery white paint.

Now...Here's the flower hair clip, I wrapped some chocolates in pink paper, cut up large soda bottle, filled it with some crimped paper and put everything inside the soda bottle box.

Fold each soda bottle petal on top of the other and you've sealed it like a box. Notice though, that I did have to glue pink paper (matches the candy) on one flap of the soda bottle because I just could not for the life of me remove the label that was stuck on the bottle. So I covered it. And here's the end result.

Tah Dah! It was my first try at the soda bottle gift box and I think it turned out ok. Going to experiment more.

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