Saturday, February 26, 2011

Free Beautiful Digital Graphics

Yesterday, as I was surfing the web, I came across a blog that offered some really pretty digital graphics and alphabets and they are free for personal use.  They are all created by Eileen. 

Here's a sampling of some of her awesome work....

Visit her blog to download the samples you see here and to check all the other things she has created which you can download.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

I won a Heart Punch from The Spotted Canary

Woop-woop!  I can't believe it.  I won a beautiful scalloped heart punch from a contest over at Miss Nifty Thrifty group from The Spotted Canary.  Here she is...

Oh I just can't wait to receive her.  I'm going to have so much fun.  You should see some of the awesome ideas that was created using her over at Miss Nifty Thrifty's site.  I'll post a few to tease you but there's so much more.

While you are there, browse around and enjoy all the fun crafty ideas from the Spotted Canary.

So yeah...2 wins in 1 month.  Hmmm... me thinks I needz to play d lottery. LOL!


Perler Bead Crafts with Lil' Man

So today I busted out my perler beads collection.  I was cleaning yesterday and found them stashed in the back in my craft room.  So today, lil' man and I play.

Here's what we made...

This is the finished product FRONT

This is the BACK.

 If you have never played with perler beads, they are so much fun. They are plastic beads that you put on a peg board and create all sorts of designs. Once you're done designing, you cover it with baking paper and iron it for a few seconds. Just enough for the beads to melt into each other. And that's it!

Today I wanted to try and make some St. Patty decorations using the beads but lil' man had other design ideas.

He just wanted to make color patterns.

Deciding if he likes what he made.

He does and keeps going. Looking good!!!

 Now I wanted to get into the bead designing action.  I had 2 types of perler beads. The typical small ones that are sold in stores, and the biggie size - great for smaller hands who are still mastering their motor skills.  Lil' man used the biggie size.

Here's the biggie size.

Here's the regular size - which I used.

Here's my attempt at designing a perler bead

I had to make the 3rd leaf separate because of the
pegs.  It just looked funky so I'll fuse them
in 3 steps.  Iron the bottom, iron the top leaf,
then iron them together.

And here's what I have. 
Not the best shamrock but it was fun.

Lil' man wanted to give the regular beads a try and
these are what he created.  The snake was made on
a square peg board.  The heart was done on a
heart board that he filled-in.

Hope you enjoyed!


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I'm a contest winner of a Valentine's Craft Challenge

Congrats to me!  LOL!  I just found out that I won the Valentine's Craft Challenge on Cafe Mom's Crafters in need of a 12 step program group.  Woo-hoo!! 

Valentine craft projects were voted on by members of the group and I won the most votes for the craft challenge.  I am so excited!

I submitted my Recycled Pizza Board to Valentine Heart Wall Hanging project which I made as a Valentine's decor for my home. 

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine Candy Bouquets - presents for my family

Well I hope everyone had a loving and fun Valentine's Day.  I have wanted to post these up for a while but was scared my kids would see it and then my surprise would be ruined.  Well, now that Valentine's is past, I can finally show you what I created for my family's Valentine gifts...

This is a close-up of my candy bouquet I
made for each one of my kids. Inside the
wrappers are mini hershey, crunch, kit-kat,
reeses, snickers, & 3 muskateers bars.
The outside is surrounded by mini-mini
hershey and cookies n cream hershey bars.

Here's for 2 of the kids - sorry can't see the pink one
too well.  I need a new camera.

Here's for the other 2.

Here's another one.  I used Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate. 
Each one is wrapped with a statement of love.

Here's what they saw when they came into the kitchen.

Just had to show off my thrift store creation.
I found a glass/vase and wine glass while
visiting one of the local thrift shops.
I turned the wine glass upside down and
glued the glass/vase on top. And wah-lah!

Here's another.  I was lucky to find a set.
There actually was a third glass/vase that
was taller but the glass is so thin that when
I got home it was broken.  Bummed me out.
Oh well.  I still had the 2.

Belated Valentine's Day everyone!


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Recycled Pizza Board to Valentine Heart Wall Hanging

This is a Valentine Home Decor Project that me and my little man created together and it is RECYCLED!  I love to try and recycle items so I'm pretty proud of this one.

First you must understand that my family loves pizza from Aldi's.  It is frozen pizza but we have a pizza maker/heater that cooks it perfectly and it is so yummy.  Anyway, the pizza's are packaged up with a round cardboard to support it.  When you open up the pizza, of course, you're supposed to throw the round cardboard away.  Well, I just couldn't and have thought of several ideas I could do with them.  Pictured above is my first idea.

So here's the cardboard backing of the pizza.

I folded it in half.

I drew a half heart shape while folded
 (took me a couple of tries to get the heart bump
that I like as you can see).

Cut out the heart shape.  This will be your template
since you won't want a partially folded board.
Do you notice how I am holding the scissors? 
That's because my thumb is still injured
 and I can't grasp anything without feeling
a lot of pain.  So while I wait for it to heal,
this is how I have resorted to cutting.

Trace the heart template to another board and cut out. 
I traced it on several because
I was planning on trying several different designs.

I then took a piece of paper, fold it in half, 
drew a smaller heart shape, and cut it out.

I took the paper template and lined it up on the
inside of the cardboard. I just eyeballed it.
I then traced it onto the cardboard.  You can sort of see
a faint heart line in the middle of my board.

Now the fun part... I used pink paper streamer and
cut squares  from them.  You'll also need a
 pencil with a flat eraser top.

I took a streamer square and placed the
pencil top in the middle.

I then pulled the sides of the paper up to cover
the pencil.  I remember doing this back in
 elementary school to decorate pinatas.

So here's my lil' man preparing to put his
cutting skill to work.

And here he is cutting the squares out. 
We cut out a lot. 
Almost used the whole streamer roll.

Lil' man's turn to wrap the squares around the pencil.
 I've applied tacky glueon the outer part of the heart. 
I have other plans for the inside heart.

He's gluing it down. 
Look at the concentration on his face.

Here's some of the squares already glued on the cardboard. 
 Looks like flowers he said.

And here's more of the squares glued on. 
Looks fluffy and really didn't take too long.

TA-DAH!  The whole outer heart is complete. 
Now comes mommy's turn.

Using red streamer paper, I rolled and pinched lenghts
of streamer paper to create these flowers.  This time I made
sure I had the same length for each flower so they would be
about the same size but crazily, they still turned out
 having different sizes.  All depends on how I rolled them.

Here I have started gluing the flowers in
to fill up the inside heart.

All done!  Now how to hang it?

Visited the dollar store and found a really pretty
Valentine ribbon for (of course) $1.00.
I made a bow with long tails, glued the tails onto the back,
and it's ready to be hung. Now, I could cover the back
with felt or any fabric but personally I like having the
logo stuff on the back so when I tell people
it's recycled and what it's from,
I can also show them.'s recycled!

Isn't it pretty?

Hope  you enjoyed it!