Friday, March 25, 2011

Wet Shoe Stone Tray

Friends of mine have a very small foyer that is covered in ceramic tile.  But 2 steps in, you're on wood floors.  Well when it's raining, water gets tracked onto the wood floor from wet shoes laying on the floor and I'm afraid the floor could get ruined.  April is around the corner and you know that means April Showers!

So I created a Wet Shoe Stone Tray to hold all their wet shoes.  The tray will catch and hold the water and dry the shoes.  I even personalized the stone with their family name.

This is a dollar store project because most of the material I purchased from the Dollar Store.  I bought a boot tray and 5 bags of large rocks.  I cut out letters using my Sizzix and Modge Podge'd that onto 7 of the largest rocks I could find.  Once dry, I applied the lettered rocks in the middle of the tray and then from there added the rest of the rocks.

Now let me tell you that it took me some time to find just the right glue to hold the rocks to the plastic.  But after several trials, I found one that worked - easily and non-toxically!  It's called Liquid Fusion.  I am in love with that glue.  It's a bit pricey - I bought it at Michael's.  But if you have a 40% coupon, then you've got a great deal.  I didn't have to clamp the stone down or wait a few minutes before adhering.  I just applied the glue and plopped it on the plastic.  2 hours later it was stuck...and best of all there was no cancer causing smell.  Love it!  Now let's see what else I can glue with Liquid Fusion.

Hope you enjoyed!



Leslie said...

what a clever idea. I love how it looks!! great job.

S.P. Bragg said...

Great idea... I have wood floors too!