Sunday, August 30, 2015

Splatoon craze!

Yes, yes! It's been over a year! What can I say ... Life! I was super busy but just 2 weeks ago something happened that made me stop everything in an instant. I had a stroke! Here I am in my mid forties, in rather good health and I get a stroke. How is this possible? Even the Drs don't understand why I had one but I did. So life changes are now happening. Quit 2 of the 3 jobs I had, crafting more, eating much healthier, starting an exercise regimen. However I still have 2 big stressors in my life that I need to change but am having great difficulty changing ... Finances and relationship. I need more of one and none of the other! While I try to figure that out, this girl will be crafting more to relieve stress.  So this is what I've been up to lately...

Splatoon Squids!!!  Aren't they adorbs? My kids are really into splatoon right now 
so I made these cute keychains.

I couldn't decide if I should put spots on them or not so I took a Facebook and 
Instagram vote and surprisingly enough, it was half and half!

Then I asked do I put felt spots or just draw them on.
Split decision as well. So I just made a mixture of them all.  Lol!

And here are my babies!

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