Sunday, April 29, 2012

T-shirt into a ruffled scarf

So this is the post I promised back in February that I never did post.  It's my t-shirt scarf  ...

Sorry for the blurry picture.  I took this with my cell phone camera.

As I made this I forgot to take pictures but really it is easy.

1.  Flatten out the t-shirt you are going to use.
2.  Using the large part of the t-shirt, trace a large plate around the t-shirt.
3.  So now you have a large circle on the t-shirt.  Cut out the circle.
4.  Pick a point anywhere on the outside part of the circle and start cutting a spiral.
5.  Keep cutting until you reach the center.
6.  Pull/stretch the t-shirt and voila!

Do this about 3-4 times to get the super ruffles.

NOTE:  If you use a large or extra-large t-shirt, you can get lots of circles on the t-shirt.  If you use a small plate, you may have to connect the t-shirts to make a longer scarf.

In case this is still confusing, I will try to post a picture within the next month.  So stay tuned!


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Leslie said...

Ohhhh. What a clever girl you are!! That scarf is pretty awesome. Have a great new week.