Monday, April 30, 2012

Kanzashi Flower clip from School Uniform

My lil' man attends a private school and so of course they have to wear uniforms.  Well, the school is very strict about what accessories could be worn. There aren't too many options.  Well, I wanted to give the girls something extra and cute that they can wear in school and still be "in code".  So I created this flower clip using a kanzashi style fold and using a used uniform that I received from a teacher when I told her what I wanted to do. 

I presented it to the principal to get her ok for the girls to use in school and she said yes.  So I made a few and donated it to one of their events so the girl's could get them.  And let me tell you .... they were a hit!  I wish I had enough time (and money - since uniforms are so expensive) to make every girl in the school one of these or the headbands.  I'll just keep going though with what I have.

Here's a headband I also created -notice its a different petal shape ...

Here is a different headband in my hair ...

If you are interested in a tutorial, give me a shout in the comments section.


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Leslie said...

That is fantastic!!!! I used most of my girls old uniforms to make them a patchwork quilt ~ Not that I have it finished yet!! lol