Saturday, May 5, 2012

Duct Tape Hairbow - say no to heat!

I love, love duct tape.  I think I must have every color and style.  Problem is I just kept buying them but not really making anything from them.  Found some time and create these hairbows ...

I think they turned out so stinkin' cute.  Enough so that I tried selling them at a flea market that I attended today.  I sold a handful and got lost of compliments.  However, I did discover something about duct tape ... they don't mix with heat too well.  For a short time, my bows were sitting under the sun and they started to peel apart (check out the yellow arrows) ...

So for future reference for duct tape creators out there (in case you didn't know), keep them away from the heat.  I was able to stick them back together easily once I removed them from the sun and they stayed together once cooled.

Planning on making a few more things with the duct tapes, so stay tuned.


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