Saturday, July 20, 2013

Bolero Shrug from a T-Shirt

Recently, I came across a recycled/upcycled project from Aunt Peaches site.  She made a No-Sew Bolero Shrug out of a simple long sleeve T-Shirt.  It looked easy enough and cute enough, that I just had to try it out.  So I ran to the thrift store, picked out an XL long sleeve T-Shirt, washed it, and proceeded to craft it up.  Here's what it looked like when done ...

T-Shirt Jacket Shrug

And here's how I did it ...

Long sleeve t-shirt. I bought a size XL as per the suggestion of Aunt Peaches.  My size is actually M.
Cut off the bottom of the shirt as well a small part of the arms of the sleeve.  You just want to cut off the stitched portions.
Might be a bit hard to see but I cut straight up the middle of the front part of the shirt. Don't cut through the back of the shirt.
I then came down part of the way from the top of the shirt and cut it at an angle and all the way around the neck part back to the front.  Almost like I was trying to make the shirt into a v-neck since it was circular.

Here's a closer picture of the cut.

Now, turn it and put it on upside down.  Yes, you heard me right ... upside down.  The bulkiness of what is the bottom of the t-shirt will drape around your neck to give you that scrunchy look.

Here's what it looks like from the back.  HINT: Be sure to cut with sharp scissors and cut straight or you'll see a jaggedy cut.

The front again!

FINAL NOTE:  I did find it a bit annoying that part of the scrunched up part kept wanting to fall off the sides of my shoulders.  I had to keep pulling it off my shoulders and onto my neck.  Thinking I might have to do a little sewing to manipulate it to stay in place.  That or maybe I need a smaller shirt.  Anyhoo ... it is cute when it stays in place.

I'm partying this over here ...

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Violeta said...

Very easy project! I'll hit yard sales and thrift shops for brand name t-shirts. Probably I'll do this as Christmas presents!!!

Jess said...

How cute!!

Thanks for joining the Link Up this week!

Lisa said...

It came out very cute!

the cape on the corner said...

what a neat idea, good luck on making it totally work for you.

DeLisa Keim said...

This is cute. Good job!! My girls would love this.