Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Star Wars and Crochet - Who knew?

So crochet is not my expertise and Star Wars is not my ultimate thing but after hanging out with my friend Kim, who is an expert at crochet and a large fan of Star Wars, I'm starting to get the bug.  So I stalked it out on Pinterest and look at some of the fun stuff I found!!!

Found these cute character creations here.

Oh I need this Death Star Cushion!  Anyone want to make me one?  :-)  Instructions are here.

And these lightsabers!  I'm just dying over here!  Wow!  Find the pattern here.

Can't forget about this guy!  What a cutie!  He's here.

Of course, let's not forget all the main characters.  Look how awesome!  There was no tutorial for these that I found but you could probably buy the pattern off of etsy somewhere.  Mergirl had made these and was showing it off on her flickr page here.

 I now want so badly to learn how to do crochet on the next level and watch all the episodes of Star Wars before the new movie comes out this December.  If only I didn't need to sleep, I MIGHT find the time to learn and make all these wonderful guys!

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