Saturday, March 5, 2016

I'm a new addict to crochet - Slouch Hat

Ok.  So on my last post (back in October - eek), I showed you guys Star Wars crochet items.  Well, guess who got hooked on all things crochet.  Me!!!  Now I also hoard yarn.  Oh my!  It's fun to crochet but truth be told, I'm still inpatient. I have no interest in making huge blankets or clothes ... takes too long.  I like something that finishes up quick and with crochet, really, nothing is quick.  So maybe I should say, works up quicker.  So I make smaller items which I will be sharing with you.

Here's one of the first bigger, but quicker projects that I made.  It's a slouch hat for my lil' man.  I think it turned out pretty well for a newbie.  What do you think?


Thanks for looking!  Feel free to comment but please be nice! :-)

~ Peechee

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