Sunday, March 6, 2016

Toxic Free DIY Dryer Sheets

Hello again!

So besides crafting, I'm also really into the a natural way of living.  I try (keyword - TRY) to avoid chemicals as much as possible.  It's not easy as it is in everything around us, but I try to minimize the exposure to it for myself and the kids.  

Well, I found this recipe for a DIY dryer sheet that is chemical free ... so natural, and it is supposed to leave your clothes softer and smelling better (depending on the essential oil scent you use).  I haven't tried this myself but it intrigued me enough to share it with you and I do plan on making it and trying it out.  If you try it before me, can you let me know how it worked for you?

You'll save so much money with homemade dryer sheets! #eco:
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