Saturday, February 5, 2011

Streamer Paper Flower Ball

This is my flower ball made from crepe streamer paper that I bought from the Dollar Store. 
Now is that even the correct name - flower ball?

Anyhoo-- Pink streamer, styrofoamball, glue, and time is what you need to accomplish this flower ball. 
 I say time because it took me a while to roll up the paper into flowers - possibly because my thumb
is still in pain so I was using other fingers that aren't used to such usage.  But it didn't stop me. 
Slowed me down maybe, but not stopped.

 Normal people would measure out a length of streamer, cut it and roll it up. 
Not me, I started rolling it while it was still on it's large roll
I folded it half and then rolled it and pinched it together until I got the desired
fluffiness of a flower that I liked.  Then I would cut it off. 

Before gluing it to the styrofoam ball, I cut off the "stem" part so the flowers laid flatter on the ball.

Then I started gluing it onto the styrofoam ball.

Here's the completed ball.  Note that the streamer is pink but looks peachy due to no flash. 
The picture below looks more like the actual color but you can't see the detail as well.
I'm gonna have to save for a better camera and photo lighting kit.

Hope you n-joyed!


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