Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine Candy Bouquets - presents for my family

Well I hope everyone had a loving and fun Valentine's Day.  I have wanted to post these up for a while but was scared my kids would see it and then my surprise would be ruined.  Well, now that Valentine's is past, I can finally show you what I created for my family's Valentine gifts...

This is a close-up of my candy bouquet I
made for each one of my kids. Inside the
wrappers are mini hershey, crunch, kit-kat,
reeses, snickers, & 3 muskateers bars.
The outside is surrounded by mini-mini
hershey and cookies n cream hershey bars.

Here's for 2 of the kids - sorry can't see the pink one
too well.  I need a new camera.

Here's for the other 2.

Here's another one.  I used Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate. 
Each one is wrapped with a statement of love.

Here's what they saw when they came into the kitchen.

Just had to show off my thrift store creation.
I found a glass/vase and wine glass while
visiting one of the local thrift shops.
I turned the wine glass upside down and
glued the glass/vase on top. And wah-lah!

Here's another.  I was lucky to find a set.
There actually was a third glass/vase that
was taller but the glass is so thin that when
I got home it was broken.  Bummed me out.
Oh well.  I still had the 2.

Belated Valentine's Day everyone!


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