Saturday, February 18, 2012

2nd Place - Mardi Gras Shoebox Float Winner

So the school had their voting for the Mardi Gras Shoe Box Float competition and my lil' man won 2nd Place!!!  Woo-hoo!  So there's no pizza party but that smile he had on his face, which went from ear to ear, was the best thing a mom could ever see for their child.  He was so proud, just as I was.  Look at the smile on his face.  It was so big his eyes couldn't stay open. :-)

After he received his second place ribbon, it was time for the yearly Mardi Gras Festival at his school.  It was crazy but so incredibly fun for the kids.  My son (as well as a lot of the little kids) walked off with a lot of prizes from playing the Pick-A-Duck game.  Every duck was a winner and it was only $.25 to play.  And the prizes that they won were worth way more than .25 cents.  The parents of his school went all out and donated some really nice prizes. 

But Pick-A-Duck wasn't the only game.  They had a lollipop tree game, a bean bag in the clown mouth game - all of which were winners no matter what.  They they had games for the older children like a toilet paper throw, cupcake walk, jailhouse, golf, plus more.  There was free coloring (and if you colored you got a free coupon for a Rita's ice cream), and also nail painting.  The super older children had the gym just for themselves where they all got to wear pajamas and get their face painted and their hair sprayed with color and there was a dj for them to dance.  It was truly a party.   "Best day ever!" says my lil' man.


Leslie said...

This was the first the 16 yrs that we been with the school, that i didnt go. I know that the kids love it. Happy Sunday.

Candy Cake and Crafts said...

Oh Leslie ... No wonder I couldn't find you! Wish you could have been there - we could have had so much fun! Next year, k?