Thursday, February 16, 2012

Mardi Gras Shoebox Float

My lil' man's school hosts a yearly Mardi Gras festival.  They are having a competition on shoebox floats and this is what my lil' man and I came up with. 

Most of everything we used were from the dollar store.  I did buy a bag of feathers for $1.00 at Michael's and purple streamers for .79 from Party City (since my local dollar store didn't carry purple).  Of course, I did most of the work because it was a bit tedious.  It was easy but can get very boring for a 6 year old after a while.  But he did help.  He helped to cut out the squares, he rolled up the streamer squares, he applied it to the float, he designed the cross in the front and designed and decorated the final decorations on the front of the float. 

We did all this so hopefully he will win and his class gets a pizza party for winning.  All this for pizza!  Maybe I should have just bought the class pizza but then again I wouldn't get the same look of enjoyment and being proud to carry this masterpiece into school.  There's no amount in the world to see the big proud smile he had on his face.

Here's the side views of the float...

 Hope it inspires you if you ever do a shoebox float.

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kellie said...

Am I just missing it or are there instructions?