Monday, February 20, 2012

T-Shirt Necklace with Hair Clip

If you read my earlier posts about my lil' man's school having a Mardi Gras festival, you know that the parent's of the school donated all the prizes that the children won playing the different games.  Well, I did not want to donate any little cheapy thing so I decided to make things I thought the kids would like to have.

Here's the first thing I created and donated.

Funny thing about this was that some of the volunteer mom's went crazy over this.  I had a mom approach me and tell me to join a show she is attending so I could sell this type of  item.  I'm definitely considering it but it's next month so I've got to get busy if I'm joining.  Yikes!

Oh... I did add a flower clip to this necklace. It's made with the same material - a t-shirt.  I just cut out random flower patterns varying in size and then sewed them together.  I was going to make it a pin but then decided to make it a clip so the wearer can either use it as part of the necklace or wear it as a hair clip.  I love it when things can be used in more than one way.

Next thing I donated was a T-shirt Scarf.  Stay tuned...


Anonymous said...

LOVE IT! Very creative, and very fashionable! <3

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