Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Finally - Results of Ice Cream Party

Ok. I know it's been months but its been a busy summer. So without further delay here are the results of the ice cream party ....

 The other room mom's helping with the party.  See the table covers?

 This is where we placed all the ice cream and topping choices.
Check out my tablecloth pouf and the ice cream banner.
The ice cream - vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry.
Their choice of sugar cone, waffle cone, or bowl.

 Here are the topping choices.

 Chocolate or Strawberry drizzle or chocolate hard shell plus bottled water.

 Some of the decorations I created.  I laminated the cones so the 
teacher can use it again next year.
 I made these hot fudge ice cream balls so the kids could play an ice cream version of hot potato - called hot fudge sundae.  I know ... I'm so corny.  Geez.  Does anyone even say that anymore?

 I also made this game called pin the cherry on the sundae.

I also provided a little craft where the kids could create their own bracelet with charms that I created (I forgot to take pictures of the charms).  The kids really liked making these and surprisingly they were so quiet doing this activity.

The kids also did a freeze dance which was a hit as well.  I think anything that gets their bodies moving wildly is always a hit.

I would post pictures up of the kids enjoying their ice cream and having fun with the games but for privacy reasons, I won't.  Just know, we had a blast!


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