Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Photo Word Art with Jeremy Renner

Yeah, yeah ... so I've been Rennerized!

I found this awesome online program where you can upload a picture and then using your words/descriptions (or even words from your blog or site), it will automatically transform it into a word art.  What better way for me to experiment with it by using a picture of Jeremy.  Here's how it turned out ...

Jeremy Renner Word Art Collage

I think it's pretty cute.  I tried a couple of other things using one of  the shapes they have as a choice.  I just changed up the color theme and the orientation, as well as the words inside.

Aren't they just adorable.  I have a couple of crafty things in mind to do with these.  I'm thinking printing them out and making a charm or enlarging it an putting onto a canvas or print it on an iron-on and make a t-shirt.  Possibilities are endless.

Here's the site for you to give it a try ...

Have fun and please share what you create.  I'd love to see it. Just add your link in the comments so we can all go visit.


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