Tuesday, October 30, 2012

3d Pumpkin in a Fall Leaf Frame

I just love this wall decor.  I made it as a present for my son's teacher but I'm loving it so much I might have to keep it for myself.  LOL!  Or I could always make her another one.

Anyway, this was a super easy and super cheap project. Everything came from the Dollar Store!  I purchased:

 * 1 carvable styrofoam pumpkin
 * 1 8x10 plastic frame
 * 2 bags of fall leaves (green/yellow and green/red variety)
 * 1 sheet of moss

1.  I discarded the glass on the frame and replaced it with the sheet moss.
2.  I cut the styrofoam pumpkin in half using regular large kitchen knife.
3.  I glued the leaves around the frame.
4.  I glued half of the pumpkin in the middle of the sheet moss.

That's it. Super easy, huh?  And definitely super cheap and super-duper cute!

Here's the back and side profile.

Hope you liked it!


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