Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pumpkin Bat

This is a Pumpkin Bat that I made as a prototype for my son's teacher.  They are having a pumpkin decorating contest in their school and each class must decorate a pumpkin.  My son's teacher asked for ideas and this is one I came up with.  I figured each child could cut out and decorate their bat and we will add it to the pumpkin.  Below are pictures of my son decorating the prototype (I had to see if it was easy enough to do for him - he's my guinea pig - shhhhh!)

This was an easy and cheap project.  I got the idea here but tweaked it a bit.

First we took a dollar store carvable pumpkin and painted it black with acrylic paint.

We let it dry and cut out wings, ears, and eyes.  We taped toothpick to the ears and skewers to the back of the wings to give it stability.

My lil' man then added the baby bats (which also had toothpick taped to the back - but we painted the toothpicks black since it can be seen).

And here it is!  Can you tell my lil' man is proud?

He enjoyed.  Hope you did too.


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