Thursday, January 13, 2011

My Baby Girl is 17!!

I can't believe my baby girl is now 17.  Not a baby anymore.  Sniff..sniff.  I miss the days when she would run to me with her pigtails, jump in my arms and give me the biggest hug with the biggest smile as I lift her into the air.  Little did I know that those were some of the best days of my life.  Times are different now. She's all grown up and doesn't need me as much.  The jumping into the arms now belongs to her boyfriend.  But hey... I still get hugs and I love you and I have a new best friend.  But still, I miss having my little girl.

Anyhoo... we surprised her by decorating the house and hanging (what I like to call) money flowers from the ceilings. It was fun decorating and I think she enjoyed it.  Although I believe her boyfriend enjoyed our decoration more.  Just check out the pix.

Here's the money flower that I made and strung across the ceiling in our kitchen.

Here they are hanging from the ceilings.

And this is our stairway to go upstairs to the rooms.  My oldest son, who was upstairs at the time we decorated the stairway, had to stay upstairs until my daughter came home because there was no way he could make it down the stairs without the possibility of ripping down the decor.

Going towards the kitchen... 

As my daughter enters the house with her 35 balloons from all her friends. 

My daughter attempting to make it up the stairs without ripping down the decor. 

Her boyfried getting in on the action tried to do other  moves but failed!  LOL. 

My 3rd born going for it too but it became a disaster. 

My daughter picking her money flowers. That's my hubby in the back grabbing some cake.

Happy Birthday my Baby Girl!


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