Monday, January 10, 2011

Snowmen from Gloves - Family Frame

Yes! I's been almost a year since I posted. I was busy trying several other ventures which just made me too busy to concentrate on the things I love most. Lesson learned and now I'm back.

I was all set with projects to do this new year but unfortunately I injured my right thumb from (get this) playing the Wii. Apparently I was pushing down too hard for a long period over the course of several days that I strained my thumb, wrist, and forearm muscles. Darn that Kirby Epic Yarn Game. It was so much fun but now I'm paying the price. I never realized how much easier life was with my thumb. I can't wait until I get better.

Since I can't post new projects I planned on, I will present to you daily projects I did last year, which I haven't posted. First up is my Snowmen Family made from knitted gloves.

This is one that I made for my family.

And here's the close-up. My oldest said they look more like penguins than snowmen.
Hey! It was my first attempt. I still like it.

My second attempt.
This one was actually an order that I received during a craft show. This is the original piece before my customer decided to change the mom snowman's hair bow to a different color.
She went with purple and was pleased. I meant to take a picture
before giving it to her but I forgot. Sorry.

Here's one I did for my brother's family. My third attempt and looking better.
Now they do look like snowmen.

And the close-up.

This is the last set I made for a good family friend. This the close-up of their snowmen family.

This idea is not original. I don't think I'm that creative as of yet. Anyhoo...this fantastic idea came from a super creative lady named Sheri. Click HERE to go to her site with the tutorial.

Hope you enjoyed it.


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Wow! They turned out fabulous! You were even brave enough to add mouths! It's too small of work for me. Well done!