Friday, January 14, 2011

Purple Friday - Raven's Flower Pin/Hairclip

It's Purple Friday here in Baltimore as we all show our support to our home football team, the Baltimore Ravens.  They are going up against the Steelers this weekend.  Woo-hoo!! 

To show my support, I created a couple of purple flowers that can be used as a pin/broach or a hairclip.  Great to use if you work in a professional setting that doesn't allow dress down days.

After I took this picture, my camera started acting up.  I'll try and take some close-ups with another camera and post it up later.


1 comment:

Leslie said...

awesome, I love it!!!! I am so excited. No, I am soooo nervous!
I tried to take some photos of some pretty purple ravens cupcakes ~ I hate when the camera makes the Purple look Blue.
Have a great weekend. : )