Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter Cake Basket

This is an Easter Cake Basket that I made for our family Easter gathering.
I got the idea from here but I added a basket handle with a flower accent to make it look more like a basket.  The handle is made from a cereal box that I wrapped with pink streamers.  The icing was just spread smoothly across and sideways on the cake then I "scratched" patterns across the sides using a fork to mimick a woven basket.

Below is the middle of the basket cake where I added green grass (green colored icing), a few peeps and hershey eggs. 

The inside of my cake has 2 layers and was colored by taking the white cake mix, separating it into several bowls and adding different food coloring to each mix.  Then pour a little of each color slowly into the pan, even layering it on top of each other.  I got the recipe idea from here
And here's the result...

It was yummy!!!


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