Saturday, April 30, 2011

Snow Cone Card Design

A fellow member from one of my groups did a shout out for help because her daughter, who started her own snow cone business, wanted and needed a business card and/or sign holder.  I love playing with graphics so gave it a go and came up with this.  I just did the background so her daughter can customize it any way she likes.  What do you think?

Her daughter loved it and she will be using it for her business.  I'm so happy I helped and that she liked my work.

 BTW... Sorry I had to put my name across the bottom.  I just didn't want anyone taking it and using it for themselves when someone is using it for their business already.  I did try keep my name soft so you can see the whole graphic.  What she received, of course, did not contain my name across the snow cones.



Leslie said...

wow that is great!!!!
Happy May!

salma said...

Its great idea for enjoying summer's .....
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