Saturday, February 22, 2014

Easy St. Patrick's Day Wreath Tutorial

Yes, I took a small detour from fleece today because I wanted to make a St Patty's Day wreath.  I probably could have used fleece to make this but I saw glitter and a cute ribbon and had to go that way.

Isn't it cute?  I just love it! I did have a little problem with not having enough ribbon but you'll see how I fixed that later.

Here's what you need:

Felt in greens
wreath form
foam clovers
green glitter ribbon
glue gun

Wrap the ribbon around the wreath form. I glued the down the beginning part so it won't unravel as I wrap.

Keep wrapping all the way around.  And as you can see, this is where my problem started.  I didn't have enough ribbon.  Well, I wasn't about to run out and drive 20 minutes out to get the same ribbon when all I needed was a small amount.  So I improvised.

I took one of my dark green felts and cut a strip the same size as the ribbon.

Glued it to the end of the ribbon.

Started wrapping again but it still wasn't long enough, so cut another strip.

Much better.  It wrapped all the way around.  Doesn't look too fancy but it will do. 

So I just covered it up with the foam clovers.

Here's the back.

Time to make the flowers.  Cut another strip of green felt.

Fold in half at one end and glue together.

Fold the glued end again, making a triangle shape (matching the top end to the bottom) and glue.

Now you are going to start rolling that glued end piece into the felt.

The beginning is a little tricky as it wants to unroll, so hold on to it tight.  Now start twisting the loose edge and roll it around the part you are holding.

Keep twisting and rolling.  Apply glue as between the rolls to hold it in place.  The tighter the twist the tighter the flower.  Loosen up a little on the twist and see how it has a fuller look to the flower. 

Finish off the edge by gluing the end to the back and now glue the flower onto the middle of one of the clovers.

Repeat the flowers using other green felt colors and glue onto the other 2 clovers.
 Ta-dah! What do you think?

But the back was still kind of ugly with that felt so I took some left over glitter foam and glued that over the exposed felt in the back. And hooray!  Prettier!

Better, right?

 Although it was already cute, I wanted to give it a little more "oomph" so I added some feathers randomly.  I totally love it even more!

 Hope you enjoyed it!  If you make one, please share it with me!  I'd gladly post it up here with a link back to you!


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