Monday, January 2, 2012

Calendar Craft - I won't sell again!

I enjoyed making the desktop calendars and a lot of it did sell but not enough - which is crazy since I was only selling them for $3.00 each.  I sold them cheap because I wanted them to move but even at that cheap they all didn't sell.  I had a lot leftover so they became teacher and family presents.

These were larger sized calendars which I placed on blank coasters 
and had them held up by large binder clips.

These were mini calendars which I attached to a 
mini acrylic photo frame turned upside down.

I sold most of the calendars that were attached to the coasters, but the ones on the acrylic frames I probably only sold half of it.  It was my first (and last) year trying these out.  I've seen them around on the net before and fell in love with them.  I finally decided to make them but now realize these are only good for gift giving (in my area).  I can't really sell these at spring craft shows.  Too bad because I think they are really cute.

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